Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reason for Change

4-0 Germany VS Australia. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All in a Days Work

Troll : Oh great, another dead blog.
Bryan : Sorry lo..
That is my most sincerest apology to all of you.

Yes, I declared that my blog is NOT dead... it was just in a coma. So, finally I've decided to post something out though I don't expect it to be extraordinary. Currently, I'm in Kuching yet again after completing my first semester in the GOD FORSAKEN place called PERTH. If you parents ever suggested to go to Perth, reject immediately. Honestly, it just suck ballz bad.

So I graduated from my Foundation years and now pursuing my studies in Commerce/Computer Science. Commerce.. is plain boring especially accounting. Why? Because NOT only you have to balance figures whole day but you have to see all this boring and weird ass terms;  P/L Summary (Penis & Lanjiao), Lubrication and so on.

How about Computer Science? Heard its FREAKING COOL, you get to create games, build monster machines to support Crysis, create flash video and games and create awesome websites. 
Anyone tells you that is a FREAKING FOOL. You get to delv into less COOL than it sounds coding languages named after a Coffee, JAVA and from a failed physics equation, C++ & C# and those wierd other codes. It's like learning Mandarin all over again. Take for example (avoid syntax errors please);

public boolean isHeAFucker() {
if (IQ < 50) {
return yes;
} else { if ( IQ < 25)
illegalArgumentException ("not only a Fucker but also a Retard");
Yes, if you don't understand shit means your normal.

Anyway, all I'm going to tell you now is to pick your courses wisely, especially those furthering their studies overseas which cost pretty much as their grandmama's property today for just a single degree course. And for those who picked their decisions wrongly but have a chance to change before they inccur a bigger expense at your budget, do change it quick. You do not want to be wasting your LIFE on something as stupid as CHEMICAL ENGINEERING which reduces your lifespan by half cause your like breathing chemicals the rest of your life. WOOPS! Did I say something offensive?


PS. Cat Ownage. 

Imma' going to smack your FACE you pussy.... cat

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A pitiful yet aspiring post


This BLOG is not DEAD yet.

Sorry about the slow posts lately. Want to use time in Malaysia to the utmost fullest, or rather been busy with gaming/lepaking lately.

I reassure you I will continue updating soon as patience and ideas come not everytime. Well, that’s all for now, I’ll just leave a little something to tell you guys what I am busy about =)


My crack =)

Besides, if there as anyone that can recommend me to a Guitar Hero Game Bundle for the XBOX 360, please tell me PUH-LEASE!!!

Thank you. Now I’m back to sniffing my crack.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who The F

image NuffNang

As I was browsing and checking on my blog stats which should had been done aeons ago, I noticed that something was awkwardly wrong.

Untit1ed Yes, alot of people do like my computer

But wait a minute..

Unti121tled Zzz… That better be Burger King